Digital Painting Animal Illustration: Wooly-Headed Bat

Murina Kontumensis Bat Illustration Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop Size: 8.5” by 11” An animal illustration designed to exhibit a newly discovered species of bat, the Wooly headed bat, (Murina Kontumensis,) discov- ered in Vietnam. The bat was one of about one hundred and fty newly discovered species along the Mekong River just this year, and I was privileged to illustrate it, maybe for the rst time. I drew inspiration from my memories of all the illustrated animal encyclopedias I have hoarded ever since I was a kid. Honestly, the hardest thing was nding reference photos to work from; as it is newly discovered. I decided to innovate. Due to years of practice, I have a rather good understanding of animal anat- omy, in this case that of bats. I found myself references of bats in the same Murina Genus of bats, and then applied cosmetic changes to get the bat in different natural positions. I left room in my composition, for text, that would be applied later by a publisher. All in all, it was a blast.

Final Image
Comp 1
Comp 2
Comp 3
Comp 4
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