Illustration 1: Fundamentals Class, NCAD. Object

This was my final digital painting in my Illustration 1: Fundamentals class at NCAD. Took about 12 hours to paint the watches, and then another 4 to do the chains. I used a chain brush to get the rough shape of the chains, but the highlights and little details I went in and did myself, and I think that is what makes them sell. They turned out great. The wood texture was taken from a red table top, but becasue I wanted to say that I had painted it myself, I bumped the opacity way down and painted over the texture with a fan brush tool. This was definitely a little odd for me, I have never done a still life like this before, digitally, and with an imaginary object. (I used references for the watch, but I designed this one myself out of many other watches.) I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy having finished it!

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