Selves Portrait: Photoshop Study Digital Painting

Selves Portrait: Photoshop Study Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop. Size: 14” by 11.3” This piece was is a double self portrait of my- self. It acted as a photoshop painting study for me, as I have been exploring the programs abilities and the abilities of the new brushes that I acquired. I started by taking reference photos of myself, (lots of them,) and the chess set, respectively. After I stuck my photos to- gether, I set to work creating line-work that would serve as my underdrawing. I lled in the appropriate areas with color ats, (Skin, hair, wall, etc.) After that, the long and enjoyable process of rendering began. I learned a lot about photoshop from this piece; and I gained a greater understanding of light and color.

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